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Rio Uchima - Green Real Estate for sale in Vilcabamba Ecuador


Vilcabamba, the "valley of longevity" - San Pedro

Read First As of December 2011, we, the owners of this 70 hectare property, Anita Evans and Pierre Wauters, have decided not to pursue with this project in its current form described on this and the following web pages. A number of unsold quintas (e.g. Q3, Q3B, Q13, Q8, Q9, Q12, Q16, Q5) are to be joined (with all the space between them except the road) into a large and independent property for sale. This property, of a size to be determined around 25 hectares, is for sale with unsealed road access  (private road shared with the owners of the 7 sold quintas), water right (spring and/or river to be discussed), power (independent) and broadband internet. There are different ways to group the quintas and instead of making a rigid proposition, we prefer to leave it open for discussion. Please come and see it. It will be a unique and exciting opportunity for a family or a business to acquire a stunning piece of real estate in one of the best parts of Vilcabamba. There is simply no such piece of property available anymore. Contact us through the contact page of this web site for expressions of interest.

If you are looking for green real estate in Ecuador, whether you want to live here or make a secure investment (*), Vilcabamba is definitely a place to consider.

Prices tend to be a little high in Vilcabamba, higher than in other places in Ecuador but still very attractive. This is due to the popularity of Vilcabamba, the "valley of longevity" with its ideal climate, lifestyle, abundance of food and also its cosmopolitan expat community. People come here to live not only from the USA but also from the UK, France, Belgium, Germany among other countries.

Check out our opinions page for interesting real life comments on Vilcabamba.

If you are considering buying real estate in Vilcabamba Ecuador, we have something truly unique to offer: a "non-gated" property of 70 hectares subdivided into spacious and private quintas (lots), located in one of the best and safest areas around Vilcabamba (San Pedro de Vilcabamba) along the most pristine river (Rio Uchima), right at the foot of the world famous Podocarpus National park, only 6 kms from the centre of the Vilcabamba village.

The Rio Uchima property has everything to offer to nature lovers and health conscious people while at the same time being close to town.

Seventeen (17) quintas of sizes ranging from 2,000 m2 to 17,000 m2 are for sale.

For those of you who like pictures more than words, here is a picasa photo tour of the Rio Uchima property.

And for those of you who are still big kids in their hearts, below is our 5 year old daughter's sitemap of the property, showing quinta 1 and quinta 5, a red flying pig, a butterfly and lots of rocks along the river. Luckily, the building sites are somewhat flatter than represented :-)

Emily Wauters (5 y)

(*)September 2009: Money, irrespective of currency, is not safe. It can be devalued at the blink of an eye or it can disappear alltogether. Land on the other hand is safe because it is REAL. Land is not an arbitrary "I owe you" piece of paper. The earth only has a finite number of square meters on it, albeit a very high number. The "good square meters" are the ones that have pure air and pure water as well as the ability to provide food and safe shelter. It is as simple as that. If you find yourself owning money, now is the time to convert it into something REAL such as land. If you value mother earth and your health, if you think that you can agree with our basic principles as outlined on this web site, now is the time to buy.

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