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A collection of significant and unrelated (to the main purpose of this web site) writings for the truth seekers.

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Let's face it. Most of what we are given to read on the internet is of little value. Let's not even mention the mainstream media which is nothing more than distraction. But even the so-called alternative media falls prey to sensationalism and superficial content. From time to time there is some really good stuff though that makes you think "wow !".

I am not interested in short term things and the latest of the latest. This web site is not a news web site. I am usually not interested in politics especially not american politics. I am interested in whatever point of view on whatever topic that makes you think outside of the square and stays with you for a long time.

This material, although being somewhat "unrelated" to the normal content of these pages about Ecuador and Loja, will be stored here under the title "unrelatedisimo" ...

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"The simple and in the end only answer is peace and social justice. How to achieve that is a different question. It needs a shift in paradigm. It requires a different human consciousness, one not driven by greed and power, but by a sense of human solidarity, by a desire to live together in harmony and in harmony with nature – a society that is not just thriving on consumerism, on absurd annual growth of consumption – a society that is aware of its surroundings, of Mother Earth, her entire ecosystem, animals, plants, natural unrenewable resources – a society that takes care of and protects its ‘neighborhood’ which is precisely that – the globe’s precious ecosystem. It is generously giving us everything we need for life, for a decent life that is – without having to kill and destroy."

"This consciousness is inherent in human beings. We are all born with it. But it is imminently destroyed as we enter this greed-driven society. Yet, there is in every human brain, call it spirit or soul, a spark that glows up ever-so-often and tells us, there is something wrong with what’s going on around us. We only have to grasp this glow, this warm little light in the back of our minds, and follow it, look where it leads us. It will lead us to the truth. Maybe we have to look for it in alternative media, or just by opening our eyes. It may disturb our comfort zone. That’s the major hindrance for most people who ignore this little warm spark. In fact, crossing that threshold of abandoning our comfort zone, brings a richness of mind from which you never want to return. – That would be the solution."

Peter Koenig, economist and geopolitical analyst

US War Crimes or ‘Normalized Deviance’ By Nicolas J S Davies
US War Crimes or ‘Normalized Deviance’

Not much to do with Ecuador or Latin America? Wrong! Every single coup that has happened on this continent fits the "normalization of deviance" pattern and it is still going on today more than ever (Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela) and Ecuador next. A must read.

This great essay gets to the gist of most of the problem of the violence inflicted on foreign governments. My whole life I’ve wondered why this nation is always at war which is almost 62 years of continuous conflict including the cold war. What could all those trillions of dollars have done instead of building and deploying a military of galactic proportions? Where do all those sociopathic ‘officials’ come from and what could be done to reign them in? Votes matter not because the US govt does what it always does which continues it’s aggressive destruction of the planet. How does a peace lover such as myself live in a violent world without heavy medication that has already shortened my life? All I hear is how the main candidates will build our insanely obscene military even more. When is enough, enough? Thanks for all the good essays that perhaps the leaders should read also, and I wish everyone peace.

What a brilliant catchphrase. And an excellent article as well, one of the best I've seen all month.


In addition, this excellent documentary about the battle between Chevron and the Amazonian forest illustrates even more how deviance is being normalized

To watch absolutely

Chevron vs the Amazon

A U.S. court just handed another victory to the oil giant Chevron Texaco, in its decades-long battle to avoid paying damages it owes in one of the worst environmental disasters in history.